Interior Design 3rd Year

Basic Design

This subject exposes the students to the basics of design and the fundamentals of design theory. Students will learn to understand and appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including colour and colour theory.

Introduction to Scope Interior Design

The aim of this subject is to understand relationship of space with that of function for basic living activity. Understanding of minimum space requirement i.e. anthropometrics. Introduction to concept of space and its aesthetic qualities.

The students will also learn about the design process and theories of design.

Material & Construction Techniques

The aim of this subject is to understand materials and products applied in Interior spaces with relevant construction technology. Introduction to materials as natural stones, bricks, clay, bamboo, timber, wood and wood products, their physical and behaviour properties, process of manufacture, application in built form and interiors. Construction techniques used for walling systems, openings, doors and windows with wood joinery details. Upcoming trends in market.

Introduction to basic structure as load bearing/frame structure/ load transfer etc.

Product Workshop

The aim of this subject is to have hands on experience of various materials and enhance the students’ creative skills to make scale models, artefact and accessories for interior spaces. Students will learn to work with various materials like clay, bamboo etc., and to make different types of models using different materials like mount board, foam board and cardboard.


The aim of this subject is to equip students with the skill of presenting their drawings through sketches, technical drawings, views etc. as manual drafting.

Introduction to drafting procedures, symbols, annotations, architectural lettering, scales and application to real objects and drawings are some of the topics included in this subject.

Communication Skills

The aim of this subject is to enhance verbal presentation skills and inculcate public speaking techniques and life skills among students. Seminar presentation techniques, method of communication and application, book reviews, evaluative research, articles and reports will form the main parts of this subject.

Evaluation of Design I

The aim of the subject is to understand the progression of historical development of art, architecture, interiors in western and Indian context.

Topics include introduction to furniture history, focusing on western era as Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Baroque Works and design ideology of International Master architects and designers belonging to various schools of thought.

Along with that the impact of Socio-cultural, Religious, Climate etc. on Evolution of Art and Architecture in Indian context with emphasis on use of natural light, volumes of spaces features elements, motifs construction technology and materials will also be study.

Interior Design I

The aim of the subject is to design residential spaces based on the anthropometric study. Application of knowledge gained by allied subjects as material and construction techniques, anthropometrics to the design of a studio apartment will be the main content of this subject.

Interior Design II

The aim of this subject is to enhance design skills by designing complex residential spaces and develop problem-solving strategies in interior space.

Students will learn how to design through idea generation and concept building with emphasis on day light and illumination. Application and usage of contemporary materials and upcoming trends in market will also be part of the course.

Furniture Design I

The aim of this subject is to develop a scientific understanding of furniture, its joinery and various material possibilities.

Structure, ergonomics, anthropometry applied to furniture and systems in wood and wood derivatives along with compatible material. Furniture terminology, hardware, joinery, fixing detail. Idea generation by designing simple objects like stools, chairs, coffee tables etc.

Material and Construction Techniques II

The aim of this subject is to impart detailed knowledge of materials, their characteristics, technique of using materials and making working drawings. Application of wood to staircases and special type of doors.

Introduction to frame structure with columns, beams, slab and cantilevers. Introduction to types of glasses and its various applications.

Interior Working Drawing I

The aim of this subject is to enable students to prepare working details of interior projects. Preparation of working details for furniture with specification, flooring with specification, ceiling with specification, wall treatment with specification. Preparation of working drawings of interior projects completed in previous/ current semester.

Interior Services I

The aim of this subject is to understand the basic principles of drainage and water supply in buildings and to learn about the sources of water supply. Hot and cold-water distribution system.

Types of pipes and their joints and fixing details. Fixtures and fittings. Basic principles of sanitation and disposal of waste materials from buildings.

Standard sanitary fittings, traps, pipes and their joints.

Interior Environment Control

The aim of this subject is to acquaint students with various interior elements which affect human comfort. Effect of climate on human comfort.

Definition of Climate/Weather and effects on structure. Sun control, shading devices, material, color and texture choices for interior spaces. Solar passive designs. Day light factor, size of opening with respect to daylight and its sources, lighting criteria.

Product Workshop II

The aim of this subject is to have hands on experience of various materials and enhance their creative skills to make scale models, artifacts and accessories for interior spaces. Photography workshop, weaving workshop are the topics to be covered in this subject.

Interior Design III

The aim of this subject is applying knowledge of various streams like culture, art and craft, building technology, services, furniture detail, use of contemporary materials etc.

Need based approach to design for creating spaces relevant to contemporary society.

Integrating assorted commercial activities, developing display systems and communication mechanism. Use of environmental friendly materials, services, contextual environment knowledge for designing small, large commercial activities like shops, banks, showrooms etc.

Research Project

The aim of this subject is to train the students to undertake an in depth study of a particular subject related to Interior Design, thus giving them an opportunity to develop their skills in a particular subject & prepare a technical database for the same.

Estimation, Costing and Specification Writing

The aim of this subject is to introduce students to the knowledge & skills of estimating, costing, Rate an anlysis enquired to enhance skills and techniques of hand lingers and commercial interiors .Learning Standardized units & Modes of measurement of materials, labour& Items of interior works, Estimating, Costing & Rate analysis will be important components of this subject.

Interior Working Drawing II

The aim of this subject is to enable students to prepare working details of interior projects using computer aids. Students will learn to make sheets showing service layouts: Electrical layout, Illumination layout, AC layout with specification, Fire fighting layout, Computer networking layout.

Interior Services II

The aim of this subject is to understand the basic principles of thermal and acoustical insulation to interior spaces. Use of thermal and acoustical insulation materials and its properties. Behavior of sound, Acoustics consideration for conference room, meeting room, ceilings. Fire safety systems- fire retarding materials, fire rated doors.

Professional Practice

The main objective of this subject is to introduce students to professionalism, design practice and working of a design organization. Understanding the responsibility of a designer and technicalities of the profession as well as Scale of Professional changes and Professional code of conduct and ethics are also important aspects of this course.

Landscape Design

The aim of this subject is to enable students to understand the need for Landscape in Interiors & how it can enhance the design .Topics include: Elements & Principles of Landscape design. Landscape for Interior & Exterior spaces .

Types of plants & their characteristics. Use of all these to develop a favorable Landscape design for a given space.

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