Interior Design 2nd Year

Evolution of Interior Design

This subject aims to inculcate an awareness and appreciation among the students of the evolution of interior design and furniture, their growth and development through the ages.

This would be a theory based course and would focus on the various components that students would study and apply in their creative efforts.

Studio for Work Space

This subject focuses on planning and designing of a working or an office space .Students will learn the fundamentals of the various types of working environments and how to design a functional and aesthetically appealing working space.

Studio for Retail and Store

Retail designing is one of the most sought after skills enquired for an interior designer working in the commercial space design. In this subject students learn retail psychology an how design influences the process of marketing and branding.

Studio for Cafe and Restaurant

This subject exposes students to the field of hospitality design which includes cafes and restaurants among others. Students will learn to create environment for various kinds of hospitality space such as themed restaurants, QSR(quick service restaurants) and cafeteria.

Business of Interior Design

It is very important for an interior designer to have an understanding of how to run a business and market his/her skills. In this subject the students will also learn how to prepare estimates and write specification for a design project.

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