Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

DESIGN – 111 : Commercial Design, Office Design, Understanding An Office Space, Research Data On “THE OFFICE”, Shaping Interior Space, Planning A Space, Getting Started, Design Programming, Criteria Matrix, Planning Data, Office Furniture, Office Lighting, Project Presentation.

INTERIOR DESIGN THEORY – 11 : Water Supply and Drainage Systems, Drainage,Sanitary Fitting, Air conditioning, Lightening for Interiors, Electrical Layout Plans, Codes of Ethics, Types of Fees, Contract, Tenders, Specifications, Budgeting and Estimations, Furniture Design, Glass, Metal.

CONSTRUCTION – 111 : Paneling,Partitions,Partion Design, False Ceiling, Cornices and Mouldings.

CAD – 11 : 3D-Max,

DESIGN1V : Hospitality Design, Restaurants, Hotel Design, Other Hospitality Areas, Retail Design, Types of Retail Areas, Elements of Store Design, Design Project.

FURNITURE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Planning Data For Testaurants, Furniture and Constructional details for Restaurants, Planning Data For Bars, Planning Data For Hotel Design, Planning Data For Retail Design, Landscape Design, Landscape Design Principles, Models For the Design Project,Theme and Sample Boards.